Learn And Win By Beating The Challenges Of Studying Abroad

So you are packed and ready to start your journey to study abroad? Your excitement is leaping about boundlessly? You can’t wait to see and greet the world spread before you? All this is well and fine. But take a few moments to get yourself prepared for a few things that will make adapting the whole new situation easier.

Here are some particulars of living abroad you should prepare yourself for. Every new adventure comes with its challenges. But don’t worry, overcoming them by trial and error will be your education for trumping far bigger challenges in life. You can do it by taking care of everything by yourself or you can take aid from the many consulting firms, like Edukos, expert in managing such undertakings.

Communication Gap:

Here’s the place where this term that is so casually dropped in our day to day conversation makes its crucial implementation. Imagine yourself in a foreign airport asking people the direction of the exit and not being able to understand their answers. If you are thinking, “Pfft! I have exhausted all the American Tv shows on Netflix just in preparation for this day”, you might have to reconsider your coaching. No matter how much English you have consumed through Tv shows, they aren’t as helpful as conversing with a real person speaking English in an American accent. You will face this issue as soon as you start moving in the local crowd.

But this challenge will also go away slowly as you keep communicating with them. The international universities take a lot of foreign students all through the year so you will not be alone with your language barrier. There will be students from all over the world as well as from your country. So, relax, you won’t be pioneering in feeling awkward in an unknown territory. You’ll get plenty of company in that.

Culture Shock

Next difficulty you face is after starting to participate in the everyday life of the new country. It’s not such a huge one even though it’s called the “culture shock”. Every country has their own living ways and talking lingo. So, at first entering into a completely different environment from yours can be a little uncomfortable.

But although watching people talk in English on tv doesn’t teach you the language fencing, it does give you a basic idea of their lifestyle. You read books to acquire the knowledge before you practically apply and master them. Similarly, when you go living among new people and in new countries you discover, by experiencing, if the right side is the right side to drive a car on their roads or if you can sneeze out some english slangs there as casually as you do here in public.
Jet lag

Even though you will be adjusted to it the soonest, don’t just pfft and wave it away as no biggie. Because it is. If you go to a country of a completely inverted time zone from yours, you have chances of snoring at the inductions in the first few days. And while this is embarrassing, it’s not just that. They were probably telling you in the induction how to take care of your international bills, or where you can find your native student’s community, or about the basement you absolutely should not go while staying there. All, while you were sleeping. And as you are not on a holiday trip where you compensate your jet-lag by sleeping in odd times, you cannot afford to sleep away your classes.

But as mentioned, this is the most easy to deal with challenge, so you will conquer it — in the first few days by gulping mugs of coffee and then naturalizing.

Feeling lonely

If it’s your first time being alone in a new place by yourself among strangers, it’s natural to feel lonely. Missing home cooked food, warmth of surrounded by family, running to ask advice from an older sibling, may give you the blues of adjusting to a new place. When you first find out that your wallet is only quarter full when half a month is still left, you’ll want to call your family. Not primarily for a wallet refill, because you want a hug from them and words of assurance.

But again, you are not alone in this, keep in mind. There are communities of foreign students who help guiding the freshers maneuver through these situations. And because they have already gone through them, they are now pro at handing out solutions. You’ll learn to manage yourself and everything else. You’ll make friends who’ll help you in your journey. Even when you don’t speak each other’s language, you’ll build a friendship. You’ll learn how to make friends with strangers and you’ll apply this knowledge in making a bright career in the future talking to strangers and befriending them.

Adjusting to a new educational system

The educational system abroad is way different from what we have here. Their grading system is different from ours. While we earn our knowledge mostly from learning theories, they do it mostly by practical applications. The preparation for the real world starts from an early age there. Indian education system is advancing on a similar path. Yet at first the GPA (grade point average: USA), AP ( Advanced Placement :US), GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education: UK) appropriate structures may throw you off kilter a bit.

But you will gain your ground once you get aligned with this structure. In turn it will be really helpful for your own development since these countries get their kids ready for the toughest competitions in the world.

Currency Difference

1 USD is 73.39 Rs.1 pound is 99.08 rs. You already know this. Or you will find it out googling. But you’ll only learn the value of it by spending in dollars or pounds. The beginning will be stumbling and sometimes running out of cash before the month’s end. But you’ll understand it once you start transacting in their currency. And once you learn budgeting by international currency standard you have learned handling money business internationally.
Attempting something new and worthwhile and surmounting them by breaking them apart and tackling piecemeal will be the bonus experience you come out with at the end of your adventure. This is one big life-skill you learn for expertly maneuvering life. All the abovementioned trials and anything else you can think of that’s momentarily putting a pause to your dream are all short-lasting and long term results yielding. You conquer these small challenges by facing them so you will be set for overtaking every challenge and all competitions in life. And if you think you need some help and a little boost for your confidence, consulting firms like Edukos are all geared and ready with such services for you. Hope nothing will now bog your will down and you will start looking into courses and plans for your new educational and life adventure. Wish you a powerful career!

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