Summer Courses

In association with Oxford Royale Academy

Summers are the time for adding extra skills to your existing ones. So why not acquire that skill from one of the top universities in the world? A course certification earned from one of these universities will be a prominent bonus in your resume, for life. This will give an extra push to your further education and career to overcome many hurdles. The life experience gained from exploring a new world will enlighten you in several domains and educate you in tackling uncharted circumstances without being perplexed. And as a perk, you will get all the opportunities of a fun foreign vacation.

Edukos Is Exclusive Partners with Oxford Royale Academy


Oxford Royale Academy was founded in 2004. It has its headquarter in the ancient university city of Oxford. It is an award-winner in furnishing students from all across the world with its numerous residential summer courses. 


Studying in Oxford Royale is the fulfilment of your regal dream of studying, living, and exploring the premium, prestigious, and distinguished universities in the world. Its royal list of universities comprises University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Yale University.


With its package of learning 150 plus innovative courses from the best teachers in seven breathtaking locations all over the world, ORA offers an unrefusable experience to take in all this adventure alongside students from 150 different nations and cultures.

Choosing summer courses can get confusing even if you already know your knack. Therefore, we have categorized our courses by age so that you can choose the one that you love and easily adapt to. 

Select from our many courses that are designed from every corner of education, and practical skills. Use the filter below: