tushar jain


Mr Tushar, an IATA certified travel professional with a Master’s Degree in Tourism, has been in the travel and tourism industry for 20 years building up a resourceful network all through the world which he now brings into guiding students with their dream of studying abroad and establishing their career. Mr Tushar has been already counselling students for making their career abroad for a long time and now decided to furnish this venture with his knowledge.

Mr Tushar Jain, Group Managing Director at BTC Group Companies: BTC Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd, BTC Forex – Baghpatia Trading Co Pvt Ltd, Vibrant Tours Pty Ltd (Australian DMC), BTC Traders. Currently President, North – IAAI ( IATA AGENTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA), EC Member of NIMA (Network of Indian Mice Agents), and member of IATA, OTOAI, TAAI, ADTOI.

Mr Tushar has more than 20 years of experience in handling all kinds of travel logistics, and giving visa counselling to make the whole travelling experience hassle-free.

Mr Tushar has worked closely with various International Tourism Boards and has been actively involved in exhibiting and participating in various Travel shows worldwide. He is widely travelled and has affiliated offices in Australia, UAE and UK. He understands the international job market and its requirements.

His vast network and experience in the tourism industry motivated him to open this new venture “Edukos Abroad” with the aim to help fulfill the dreams of many students to study abroad and achieve a thriving career by providing professional counselling with his procured experience.

shreya jain


Shreya Jain is an alumna of Leeds University Business School and thus has a personal experience of studying in a foreign country which she wants to share with the students aspiring to study abroad. While studying for her master’s in Corporate Communication and Marketing & PR from the prestigious Leeds, she was inspired to help more students like her with the dream of an international education.

Studying in an international university gave her a worldwide perspective and understanding of the global academic environment. Shreya knows the requisites of studying in a foreign country through firsthand experience and wants to help more students now with this insight.

Shreya Jain is also the founder-director of Lemon Chilli Media Solution, a marketing & event management company that helps clients grow their business. Because she’s running her own company, she has a thorough understanding of hiring criteria of companies. As a result she guides the students to the courses that will deliver a marketable career to them.

Every work comes with its own experience. Shreya has worked in diverse areas: organizing fashion shows, managing commercial music concerts, corporate events, movie promotions, etc., communications and marketing, before starting her own business. This has equipped her with the knowledge of what skills work where. She helps the students decide the right course, with this knowledge.

Shreya is passionate about serving society. She has been working with several NGOs and is now Assistant Director at the leading NGO Mahavir International Delhi. She wants to empower the society through educated and enlightened minds. Edukos is her step towards it.